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About Divine Healing Care

About Divine Healing Care

This is a place where you can trust. Whatever questions you will ask, we will answer it. The problem you bring solution we will provide. The confusion you will have will be resolved. Here you will find accurate and true knowledge, education and consulting. You find your answer by expert astrologer, Tarot, Vaastu and Numerology.

I can say if you come in to DIVINE HEALING CARE with your problems, I assure to make you happy with our prediction service, consultancy service, either it is by Astrology, Vaastu, Reiki or Numerology etc.

About Pritibala Patel

My journey started in this occult (Reiki) line in 2003, just after my marriage. I thank my guru Ruchita Didi. And I would like to thank Guru Rekha Arjuna in London, Maida vale, who gave me the power to become a Reiki teacher. I have seen many people since my childhood, telling that there was a power under them that brought them into this field now, so many people have asked me this question, do you have also such a power since childhood? I just believe that you can do anything if you just want to do. But however such a power from childhood I salute them.

My journey in Reiki started from Anand (Gujarat). I took teacher ship in Reiki from Maidavale in London. That day was very important in my life, as after that my life has changed in positive way.

I also served in a nursing home and as phlebotomist, and production department in food factory in London where there were cancer patients. And in London and Switzerland, I also have my students attuned to Reiki.

How I came into teaching and service profession and started my occult journey.

I personally believe that occult is not black magic but a science, occult is numerology, Vaastu, and astrology. Just as science has proved astrology, so science is behind every modalities. For example, I took the example of healing. I have been in this field of healing for the last 15 years, now someone come to me and I gave him healing on their legs and heal them with a hand or a crystal or candle healing, then in a short time; the person becomes refresh, that makes me feel a lot better than before. But I believe that positive energy works, pay more attention to the word "energy" here. Energy also comes from nature. And energy and science have a very close relationship. The more you keep your mind and concentration strong, the more positive and fast result you will get. So I just mean to say here that nothing is illogical or fake, if you believe than there is also God in the stone.

I have had many students in such a long time who have cracked big exams from different modalities, whether it is government or competitive exam. And many ailments like migraine, back pain, spine pain have also been eradicated.

On the other hand, when I talk about Vaastu, we also take science and technology together and solve it and whatever treatment we do in the office, shop, home or plot is a sure and sure success. In Vaastu, we also do treatments through Aroma Vaastu, Makan Kundli, Body Vaastu, and Vedic Astrology, along with 3d remedies.

I came to India in 2016 and started working on My Reiki on friends and people close to me. Slowly I began to move forward. As I progressed, people joined me from Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Surat, Baroda, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Nagpur, Jabalpur, Bilaspur, Pune, Bharuch, Valsad, and London, New York, Switzerland.

I consider myself very blessed that my students have a lot of respect for my teaching and say that the art of my teaching is very good. They said that you teach in a very deep way. Just with the encouragement of my students, I continued to innovate further in this line of occult and started taking my classes of many modalities like Reiki, Candle therapy, Numerology, Angel therapy, Crystal therapy, Mojo bag, Herbs and essential oil magic, Jar rituals, Sigil, Bach remedies, switch words, tarot cards, Feng Shui, Vaastu and many more.

I then proceed to consulting Logo Making with name correction of companies. Logo is a face of company or firm, I have given suggestions for logo to more than 830 people and now they are successful in their business. And we design visiting card.

Numerology has improved the names of people and given consultancy for career and business, I correct name of more than 2502 people and brought positive changes in their lives.

Similarly, many students I have helped in their career by giving the advice of changing in their mobile numbers.

By Vaastu, I helped maximum 2000 people and more overcame their stalled work, as well as made changes through Vaastu and I made predictions through astrology, body Vaastu, makan kundali and many got married. So through the prediction of tarot cards here, many have been consulted in deciding the importance of their life. And taught tarot 2003 people some of them doing consultancy and some of them using for them as personal.

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