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horoscope is the mirror of destiny according to best lady astrologer in anand

29 Jul, 2021 Horoscope is the Mirror of Destiny According to Best Lady Astrologer in Anand

Horoscope is the Mirror of Destiny According to Best Lady Astrologer in Anand

Horoscope is the mirror of destiny according to best lady astrologer in Anand

There is none, who doesn’t want to know about his destiny in this world. Everybody want to know about his fortune, education, health, life partner, work and business and they are always eager to know about whether they will make their residence in country or abroad. Someone is troubled by his enemy, or someone is not getting promotion in his job. Someone is facing visa-problem. Someone is facing loss in his business, or someone is troubled by loan. Someone’s money is stuck in market. Someone is unable to sell his property. Someone is trying his best to buy good property. So people want to solve their problems with the help of Astrology.

According to Astrologer Pritibala Patel, The way we judge our complexion by looking at the face in the mirror, in the same way we can judge the horoscope (birth chart) of a person and analyze that what type of problem he is facing and how long this problem will continue and what is the solution of this problem. That ‘why the Birth chart is called the mirror of destiny. The prediction is done on the basis of the assessment of Yoga, Duryoga and the position of various planets in the horoscope, their Mahadasha, Antardasha etc and the native is guided on the following basis.

Astrology is actually ‘eye’ of Veda: Astrology is called the ‘eye’ of the Veda. It is remarkable that Jyotish-shastra is a part of Veda. Just as we can identify good and bad things by seeing through our eyes similarly, through astrology, we can identify, whether the coming time for the concerned person will be good or bad, and tell we him the Solution

of his problems. With the help of astrology goodtime can be converted into much better time and we can get relief in our bad time with the help of astrology.

Prediction is also possible without Birth chart: Many people don’t know about correct time and date of their birth. In such situation too, we can provide accurate predictions with the help of Prashna Kundali. Overall one can know about his/her future and can get the solution of his problems without any information of his birth chart.

The Birth chart must be checked once in a year: According to best lady astrologer in Anand, we must be checked our birth chart once in a year to our astrologer as it will be beneficial for ourselves. What will be the position of the planets and constellations in the respective year. If we consult about it earlier with our astrologer, then we will get the right direction. Suppose there is a student and any planet is creating obstacle and lack of concentration in his study in the respective year, in such situation being an astrologer, we can inform him or his parents in advance about this poor planetary yog. So that he may get benefit by doing remedies for the planets in the respective years. It is a simple matter if the horoscope of the student is not inspected in advance, then due to lack of concentration, his marks will not be so good in the examination. In such condition parents and teacher will blame on student that he didn’t focus on his study. But in reality student was not guilty here, his respective year’s planets or poor planetary yog were guilty.

Similarly, if a businessman is going to suffer loss in his business, so by assessing his birth chart we will tell him in advance that you do not have to invest much capital to increase the business this year or you should not take big loan or invest money this year. If concern businessman gets the right advice on right time then he may avoid big loss in his business.

Measures of T.V. and Social Media may be dangerous: In today’s time we see that there are many astrologers on social media and T.V. channels who tell solutions for native of all zodiac sign (rashi). There are many such people in our experience who have taken such measures according to their zodiac and they have suffered loss in their life or they have to bear the cost. The main reason was that although their zodiac was common, but the mahadasha of their planet was different. In the birth chart of the concerned person, the planets also posited in different positions and different houses and give their results. In such a situation, if you do any charity to the concerned planet, then this planet can also be ascendant house. According to astrology principle the ascendant or exalted planet, which is beneficial for us is not donated. In such a situation, if a person takes the measures which he has heard, then he will have to suffer. So it is compulsory if we are going to take any measures then we should consult our astrologers first and should act according to astrologer’s advice.

You can expand business according to astrology advice: The Mahadasha and Antardasha of some planet keeps on moving over every person. In such situation whose working area is business, if the mahadasha of some particular planets is going on, if they take some measures or gets them done, then there can be more progress in their business. It is very important, if we are willing to do business, then one should choose the business, which is supported by planets and birth chart. By doing this, we will surely be successful in that business and we will also get abundant money benefits. You must have often seen that many people start business but they stop it due to lack of profit. There are lots of examples where people started more than one business but they did not get success in them. Definitely in the following examples people tried their best to do business but the planets of concerned person will not permitting him to do respective business.

In the field of Business, it is same important that what name we have given to our business like the way we are named in childhood so that, we get the good effect of the first letter of the respective name throughout our life. In the same way the first letter of the business attracts the success.

Health problems can be overcome with the help of Astrology: According to Pritibala Patel, who is best lady astrologer in Anand; Health related things are assessed and resolved by how strong or weak is the lord of the first house. Besides this if the Markesh dasha is going on, than one can suffer with high level health problems. In such condition it is very important that we should consult our astrologer and find out where the problem is. Rahu and especially Ketu sometimes give such hidden diseases to the person which is not in the grip of any doctor. It is a simple matter, if the disease does not come even in the grip of the doctor, then he will treat it in the same way, then how will the patient be cured. In the absence of proper treatment, the health of the person will deteriorate day by day.

Astrology can help student in choosing subject and making career: Students are always confused in choosing their subjects. Most often it is seen that students choose their subjects in the pressure of their parents or in the influence of their friends and later regrets on their decisions. So it is very important that we should choose subject on the basis of our birth chart. Because whatever subject we will choose today, will help us later in building our career.

Marriage compatibility is absolutely necessary: The horoscope of bride and groom is matched for marriage. In this it is seen that, how many gunas were received out of 36 gunas (Ashta-kut). Bride grooms marriage life may be ruined, if less gunas are found and lack of proper balance in ashta-kut. So there is tradition to match the horoscope of bride and groom before marriage. For example if there is a manglik among bride and groom, then it is compulsory that other partner should also be manglik, than there will be balance in their marriage life. In the situation of not being a Manglik, if there is any yoga in his birth chart to cut or balancing Mangal dosha, then we do this observation. If there is mangalik dosha in the chart and manglik dosha is not balancing then they should take effective measures so that they may live happy married life. If someone has got married and he is facing problems in his married life, so even in such a situation, we take measures and guide them by matching their birth chart.

Even Astrology gives knowledge of actual age: There are mainly three types of age assessment in astrology- Long, Medium and short age. However, we do not consider it appropriate to tell the truth by estimating age, on astrologer protocol and on human basis. Because God has sent us on the earth after estimating our age. So it is only in God’s hand to increase our age. But in special circumstances, an astrologer assesses this aspect and gives a hint or idea to the person. For example if a very aged person is struggling for his age since a long years and he is suffering and ill, then on the basis of his birth chart it can be find out that when he will attain enlightenment.

In Sanatan Dharma, Dharma- Artha- Kama and Moksha are said the four types of Purushartha to prove. The last purushartha is Moksha. The meaning of Moksha is when we will get the form of soul in that form of God its assessment is assessment of age.

Divine Healing Care gives solution of Astrology with scientific approach: People get solution of their problems with scientific approach by Divine Healing Care. Because we practice the traditional knowledge of astrology by aligning it with science. We benefit people through astrology by including color therapy, food therapy and including modern things etc. in prediction and we discuss on the basic problems. Being a friend we not only identify your problems but also guide you to overcome out of the problem. By combining many disciplines of astrology such as Numerology, Laal-Kitab, K.P. Tarot -card, Reiki etc. we find out what can be the best solution and we try to provide it to our associate customer. That ‘why people who are connected with us their life is happy and prosperous. If there is any problem in your life and you want astrological solution of that problem, then you can contact us without any hesitation. We want to assure you on the platform of Divine Healing Care that we Keep your problems completely confidential and try to give you proper guidance.

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