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Business Name and Logo Design According to Astrology in Anand


Business Name and Logo design according to astrology in Anand.
The Logo (Main Symbol) of company decides success and failure of Business. DIVINE HEALING CARE is the firm, who provides Business Name and Logo design according to astrology in Anand. Today we see someone started business and in very short time he is on the top in his business. On the other hand we see some example like someone started business by investing huge amount of money and after few years he becomes bankrupt or they got in to debt.
Let’s see some example. Amitabh Bacchan‘s company ABC corporation was unable to perform well so in a few year company became closed. It was told that there was 90 Crore debt on Amitabh Bacchan at that time.
On the other hand we see some companies which started from small scale and spread all over India and today whole world know about their success. That name is Anand of Gujrat who started from small scale that brand name is Amul. It’s indicate that firm or business name matters a lot. Astrologer Pritibala Patel can provide Business Name according to astrology in Anand.

Our advance research says
Director and Founder of DIVINE HEALING CARE, Pritibala Patel has done research on various companies brand of India and foreign. And research topic was brand name along with owner name, their logo, their colors, their types etc. The base of their research was Astro, Numero and Vastu. And they conclude the result that if we use the color (which support the name of owner) in the Logo of company, further right name of business firm, right design according to Astrology, Numerology and Vastu, Then we get much better results. So if you are exploring right name and logo for your firm, then we will suggest that both should be as per astrology. Let’s explore Business Name and Logo design according to astrology in Anand.
Numerologist Pritibala Patel has provided suggestion to many businessman and proprietor to design the Logo of their Company. And at present their company is performing well. You can also contact us for designing the Logo of your Company. We provide consultancy of Logo design according to astrology in Anand.

Some Example of top brand name
Let’s discuss on the structure of some important Company and try to understand why that Company and their product got benefit. We provide Business Name and Logo design according to astrology in Anand.

Hundai: If we talk about the logo of Hundai car. We see the shape of the English alphabet H. But when we focus on it we see two people are hand shaking in the theme of Logo, which means that customer is happy with the product of this company. The underline in Logo shows that this product is good for whole world. On the other hand if we see from astrological point of view then the first word of Logo represent Cancer sign. It is notable that Lord of Cancer is Moon. Which is known for its speed and popularity among people. So it was one of the reason of selling that product in the country and abroad also. On the other hand the Logo is made of bright Silver color which represent Venus planet. It is notable that Shukra is indicator of Glamour and luxurious life. As car belongs to following planets that ‘why Hundai Company got success by using Silver color in its Logo. Let’s explore your firm Logo design according to astrology in Anand.

Amazon: Who does not know, Amazon famous for online shopping in the world today? You will have booked product for yourself also. Some years ago there was a line under the Logo. After that Company made a change in Logo and that line was drawn with arrows from the letter A to Z which indicates that all products of world are available on Amazon. Friends the letter Amazon is written in white color in this Logo and the underline is drawn by orange color. Amazon is already a name of River itself that’s why white color is used in it. According to Vastu orange color is used in underline for providing energy. Orange color represents Surya and Mars Planet. 9316258163 is contact number for Business Name and Logo design according to astrology in Anand.

Note: We have described general things in both Companies Logo examples. When we design Logo for any Company or firm with the help of Astro, Vastu and Numerology, then many other aspects are taken into account like what is the product of that Company. If the product is related to Iron then we also have to see the position of Saturn (how much Saturn is auspicious) in the name of the person concerned. Besides it the position of Saturn in present Transit. According to numerology we have to calculate the combination of concerned person or company name with the Logo name. Then it is the turn of Advance Vastu. We have to look for color of Logo, selection of words and box, circle, underline etc. This is also a point to pay attention that there is a balance of Panchtatva (Five elements) in Logo. That’s why business name and logo both are important. We provide Business Name and Logo design according to astrology in Anand.

Example of Printing Unit
Now we are going to discuss about such companies Logo, whose product was printing unit, in which they printed Banners, Study materials etc. As we are committed to keep the privacy of customer safe so we are discussing only the case history of company here, instead of discussing the Logo name and the name of owner. Following printing unit has decided the name of company itself. And they have designed the Logo of Company Themselves. According to Astrology they have decided the name of company from the letter of Markesh. Mars was afflicted in his birth chart. The color of his Company’s Logo was red. Red color represents the Mars planet. As a result he was under the pressure of debt and become bankrupt. Overall it is very necessary that what is the name and color of the logo of the concerned company. You can contact to DIVINE HEALING CARE for making Business Name and Logo design according to astrology in Anand.
Beside it as people use flowers, leaves, bird, trees, pictures of Goddess and Deity in the Logo of their Company or they use weapons, Bindi, and Rudraksh in their company Logo. All the symbols make a difference in the Vastu of Logo. And the energy of these symbols involve in the Logo. Now the main point is this that following symbol’s energy is needed by the concerned person or not. If there is excess of energy then it will have to balance etc. Logo design according to astrology in Anand.

LOGO is LADDER of Success
LOGO IS LADDER OF SUCCESS, IF IT IS WELL DESIGNED AS PER NUMEROLOGY AND VAASTU. I have made more than 850 logo design for different firms and companies. And that I have made with the help of Numerology, Vastu, color therapy and astrology. We need to observe many thing in one loge like Logo’s color, design, shape, letter, underline, dot and slanting etc. DIVINE HEALING CARE wishing you great success in your respective business. As helping partner, you can contact us for Business Name and Logo design according to astrology in Anand.