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Services and questions related to tarot reading-

How will my day be today?

How will my health be?

Should I have a job or a business?

  • What will my future be like financially?
  • When will my marriage take place?
  • Will my love marriage take place or arrange marriage?
  • What will my wife or husband look like?
  • What will be my business partner?
  • What will my future be like tomorrow?
  • Will it be beneficial for me to take this thing?
  • What will be my career?
  • Can I go abroad to study?
  • Will I get citizenship in abroad?
  • Will I benefit if I invest in share market?
  • If my item is lost will it be found?
  • Where will my lost or misplaced item be?
  • In which direction of my house is the problem?
  • Is my house’s Vaastu okay?

We are providing you solutions and remedies and rituals to perform as a solution. All above questions are welcome to DHC. Our services towards to you.