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Puja Service at Divine Healing Care


The ‘eye’ astrology of the Vedas is the complete science. It already states the impact of the planets in a human life and natural event in past. The above impact of the planets in a person’s life is from birth to death, whether it is about age determination, education, marriage, employment or child, astrology comes in all spheres of life. Through astrology, it can be known that in the event of loss or inauspiciousness, what corrective measures could be taken to solve the problem. It may include Pooja, yagya, hawan or chanting of mantras. The ill effects of birth horoscope can be calmed through different methods.

The planetary constellations of the person have effect from birth to death. Whether it is to prevent education in old age, livelihood in old age, marriage or child birth etc. solution of all these obstructive problems can be easily cured through worship.

The setup of worship method in DIVINE HEALING CARE is operated by Pandit Ashish Guruji. Through the guidance of Ashish Guruji various worship methods from country and abroad are conducted. Many of them are conducted in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh in which Kaal Sarp Dosh, Pitra Dosh, Mangal Dosh are prime. Most of the worships are done online and photos and videos are send to the regarding person after completing the Pooja.

This method saves the money and time of the person. However, according to the wishes of the persons some Pooja like Vastu Pooja etc. can performed in their residence. We provide such facilities also. Apparently, from last 15 years, our expert Panditji has been providing welfare to the people through the method of worship.

Some of the worships methods provided by DIVINE HEALING CARE are as follows-

  • Pitradosh -After studying the birth horoscope of the person and estimating the pitradosh, the person is told to have its remedy. Pitradosh is to be believed that it came from previous birth than this birth. Due to the effect of this, many poor conditions, inauspicious events and delay in works have been seen. If in anyone’s life there are quarrels, constant loan situation, job loss or child problems, loss in business and even nightmares where elders or fathers come, then this should be considered as signs of Pitradosh. Getting remedy for pitradosh, a person can live a healthy and peaceful life.

  • Kaalsarp dosh- This dosh occurred when seven planets come in between Rahu and Ketu. Due to this dosh, person have to face problems related to education, physical and mental health pain, lack of respect, problems of enemies, etc. Due to the different positions of Rahu- Ketu twelve types of Kaalsarp dosha are created. After studying the birth horoscope, solutions are given to the person for having a peaceful life. This leads to the success and progress of life.

  • Mahamrityunjay Anushthan- Mahamrityunjay Anushthan has its own glory in the books of ancient times. If the person is facing various defects of horoscope which results in many accidents or problems in working place, he must do this worship. In addition to the above, this worship is also effective in long term illness, severe injury, or due to the accident, if the person is in deathbed etc. This worship is very helpful in the way for Salvation.

  • Business Success- On the basis of the horoscope one can find the time period, when business conditions are favourable or unfavourable. It’s very common when the planets are moving along, it would be the best time to invest money in the business. We can also see various examples around us where many people who has lost capital of millions in the business. Therefore, it would be more beneficial for the person if he consults his horoscope to the astrologer before investing money to the business accordingly.

  • Getting a suitable Bride/Groom- This is every parent’s dream that their children should get suitable bride or groom and live a happy married life. The society where every relation is in chaos, parents want a perfect match. The above mention worship is not only provide a suitable bride and groom but is also helpful in getting rid of the obstacles in marriage and leads to a happy married life.

  • Prevention of Mangal Dosha- When Mars is located in first, fourth, seventh, eighth and twelfth house of the planet, and then native is called Manglik. Which is also popular as Mangal Dosh. It is said that for a Manglik goom, Manglik bride should be selected and vice versa. Due to the Manglik dosha females may have to face blood disorders. Therefore, it is necessary for a peaceful life to resolve Mangal Dosh if a person is Manglik.

  • Helpful in achieving a good livelihood- It is a dream of every person to live a better and comfort life after completing education. Livelihood that can provide sufficient earnings and satisfaction as well. And for this, person is ready to move abroad too. Getting everything that desired is a grace of planetary conditions. Otherwise, despite of being eligible some people are not getting better employment. We provide better solutions to these problems and bring peace in their life.

  • Safe pregnancy and healthy child- Pregnancy is a very special moment for any woman. A women who is hopeful, weaves many dreams related to the child. The lord of the fifth house of a pregnant woman, determines the position of the planets, mahadasha and this leads to the results of safe pregnancy and healthy child. Whereas the cruel planets sometimes responsible for miscarriages and other obstacles. Therefore, it is necessary to take guidance from the expert astrologer in the past.

  • Mental Peace- In the society, it has been seen that every other person is suffering from mental problem. But only an experienced person can be said that he is trapped in the cruellest planets and this leads to the crime of suicide. Hence, it is required to consult the horoscope of a person to the astrologer and seek guidance from him before any tragedy occurs. This brings feeling of dejection to the family.

  • Good Education- Education is the basis of good livelihood and peaceful life. Jupiter is considered as the factor of education. Position of planets, their transmissions and other mahadasha determines the effect of education in a person’s life. Thus, it becomes necessary to study the horoscope of a child so that we may be able to take corrective measures and leads to best education for a child.

  • Avoiding negative effects- In today generation, the identification and diagnosis of negativity is necessary for a peaceful life. Drishti Dosha is a type of negative energy which brings disruption in person’s life and health. Many other defects (dosh) are also come under this category. When Rahu is not in a right position in the horoscope or first house lord (lagnesh), Sun, Moon planets are weak, negative energy affects the person badly. If a person regularly feels negative energy around him, he should take guidance of expert astrologer to cure this problem.