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Vastu Sahastra Service

As per Ms. Pritibala Patel, if a house is constructed according to Vastu then there will be Peace, Happiness and Prosperity. On the other hand, we see that in the absence of knowledge or saving money by Builder or concerned person constructing their house without following Vastu rules. But when they go to live in that particular house they face problems. So if you are going to construct your shop or residence, you must consult with an experienced Vastu expert. Ms. Pritibala Patel is an experienced Property Vastu Sahastra Consultant in Anand. Please note if construction is already done, then also you can consult with us for Vastu. As in this case we can rectify the things with Advance Vastu remedies, i.e. we will do Vastu corrections without demolition of the construction.

Vastu Sahastra is Science
Actually Vastu Sahastra is completely Science. Here we want to mention some examples so that we can understand why Vastu is important and by applying Vastu rules, what kind of benefits we can get.
A person bought a flat from a builder and started living. There was actually Toilet in the North-East Direction in that Flat. It is notable that according to Vastu North-East Direction is known as the sacred place of lord Shiva. So the worship place is constructed in the North-East direction. Due to following Vastu–Dosha, concerned people may face problems like- lack of prestige and honor, wealth and health problems. Ms. Pritibala Patel not only consulted Vastu for several years, as well she is conducting online Vastu classes. She has practical knowledge of Vastu. She is a well-known Property Vastu Sahastra Consultant in Anand.
We would like to tell a second example of such a house, whose one room was constructed in South-West Direction. Which was one feet below. In Vastu that direction belongs to Rahu so unnecessary tension was created due to non-leveling among the family members so the bulk of the money was spent on medicines. After our advice they made that area level and took another step of giving remedies, then all their problems removed.

Advance Vastu
So the ideal situation is that one should take Vastu advice before constructing his house or office. If he had already constructed a house, shop or office then on the basis of Advance-Vastu rule one can remove Vastu defects by easy measures without any damage. Vastu experts Ms. Pritibala Patel has given better results by her experience and various efforts on the DIVINE HEALING CARE platform. You can book an appointment with Property Vastu Sahastra Consultant in Anand.

Solved selling issue
Many times we have seen a person want to sell his flat or shop but he does not get success even after many efforts. Pritibala Patel has benefited people through Vastu improvement and healing in so many cases.

We need to check Land is auspicious or not
First of all you need a Vastu-expert, when you are going to purchase land for an office or house. Because it is very necessary to check whether that land is auspicious or not or what type of land it is. Because after selecting the wrong plot, whatever construction you will get done on it then the main drawback becomes of that plot. Lands are of different types like-Square, Rectangular, Circular, Benevolent, Arched type etc. At the time of purchasing the plot, you may seek advice from Pritibala Patel, She is a famous Property Vastu Sahastra Consultant in Anand.

Place of Water
According to Vastu-Shastra, water attracts Lakhmi ji. So the place of water becomes very important whether it is an underground water tank in your house or bore- well in the field, if it is made in the right place then it will attract wealth. If it is made in the wrong place then loss of wealth may be possible. Only a Vastu expert may guide you to the right place of water.

Vastu connection with colors
When we do white wash of the house then we use it to paint different walls of the house. You may feel wonder to know that if we paint the walls of house and curtains according to Vastu, then we may get good results from it. Atmosphere of the house may be peaceful and may get stable wealth. 9316258163 contact number of Property Vastu Sahastra Consultant in Anand.

Energy enters in house
According to Vastu expert Pritibala Patel the main gate of the house is very important because the energy enters the house from the main gate. Second important thing is, in which direction the main gate opens. Because the main gate decides that your house is East-facing, West-facing, North-facing or South-facing. After this it is the turn, which color, shape, etc. you have used near the main gate. Because of all its effects on all family members and especially on the Head of the family.

Vastu and Business
Pritibala says that the rules of Vastu are different in every business. The main point which we consider in the business field according to Vastu are- In which direction the cabin of the owner is? Where is the cash counter? Which color is used in concerned area etc. For example if a person is connected with Spiritual work, like astrology then if he paint Yellow color on the walls then he may get better results. So according to you respective business we can suggest the things. For above points you may contact to Pritibala Patel Property Vastu Sahastra Consultant in Anand.

Removal of architectural defects without demolishing
Suppose a person has selected wrong land to construct house or office and after construction Vastu dosha is found out in that land, in such situation according to Vastu balance can be made in the energy of house by using product of advance Vastu. DIVINE HEALING CARE’s proprietor Pritibala Patel has given better results to many people in less time by Advance Vastu. Pritibala tells that mainly by using Mirror, Crystal, High voltage light bulb, Tree, Fish Aquarium, Statue, Shwetark Ganesh, Flute, Inner decoration of house, colors etc we can remove Vastu defects and get benefit.

Study room and Vastu
You will be surprised to know that DIVINE HEALING CARE has been successful in more than hundred such cases, where students were unable to focus in their study. And By adopting the measures of Vastu their children got good marks. It becomes very important that where the children room is constructed? What is in that room? What is the color of study table? What is the direction of study table? Which color is used in study room? Etc. If any of the above points are not correct then children will definitely face lack of concentration.

We provide several types of Vaastu services. We used our special astrology and Vaastu technique to solve your problems. Mentioning here our key services-

  • Soil Testing,
  • Soil Testing Procedures, Slopes and gradients Testing, Inspection of Plots of Different Types of Shapes,
  • Inspection of Land, Soil, or Plot Conditions,
  • Auspicious moments of house building,
  • House building –
  • Main door,
  • Basement, worship room,
  • Safe,
  • Kitchen, bedroom, dining room, bathroom, plants around the house etc.

Our expertise and mastery in this service.

  • VASTU of Multi-storey flats,
  • VASTU of society,
  • VASTU of construction of restaurants,
  • VAASTU of construction of cinema houses,
  • VAASTU of construction of resorts,
  • VAASTU of construction of educational institutions,
  • VASTU of construction of shop-showrooms.
  • Aura and chakra scanning.
  • Pyramid and aroma / essential oils energy check by Vaastu analyzer
  • Which gemstones suits you check by Vaastu scanner
  • Which color suits to you check by scanner.
  • Your house and workplace/office energy check by scanner.

Vastu pleasing one's own mind
Now a days we see that people use Vastu shastra by watching you tube or by using unknown facts in their house or working place. And then concerned person have to suffer loss in few months or year. So it will be our advice that you should not make any Vastu change without our expert advice. Because you will have to understand that neither everyone has the same plot nor the same map is of people's house or office. So it is not necessary that use of Vastu will be common and useful for everyone.
We have practical solution of all the issues related Vastu of your residence, shop, industry or office. Just call us, if you want to explore the things. Property Vastu Sahastra Consultant in Anand 9316258163.