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Today the importance of Astrology is increasing in our daily life. The main reason behind this is- Awareness. Now a day’s people are not only approaching to the astrologer for their personal guidance, but corporate companies also contact us for their recruitments.
There are many examples in the society where the management and the owners of the company appoint the person by checking their horoscope. Through the horoscope they want to understand the person’s nature, behaviour and loyalty etc. Pritibala Patel not only practicing astrology but also creating the awareness of this great science. That’s why she known as best lady astrologer in Anand, Gujarat, India.
In reality, each person is looking for an astrologer who can solve problems by examining his/her horoscope like a friend, and on the other hand people also want all their information to be confidential. All these significant points are given the highest priority in DIVINE HEALING CARE. Here, we provide the confidentiality to our respected clients and also give them proper guidance. As it is said, we should show our horoscope (Kundali) to the astrologer once or twice in a year to know the correct situation of our planets and to know whether they are in favourable conditions or not. Our major astrological services are as follows:

Health is considered in the first priority for the way of happiness in scriptures. On the basis of horoscope, one can easily find the health related issues that may occur in one’s life. This information may be significant in long-term diseases also. The planets which are responsible for health issues can easily be diagnosed with the help of proper solutions. A person’s health can be predicted from the first house of horoscope. The lord planet of saptmesh, ashtmesh and dwadash bhav’s mahadasha or antardasha or lagnesh being weak, cruel can make a person ill. It can also deteriorates the health of the concerned person. You may consult about your health issue with Best lady astrologer in Anand, Gujarat.

As we all know, 36 qualities (guna) are calculated for marriage purpose. Nowadays, one can easily go through the astrological websites for match making and calculating the qualities in the internet. However, for a successful marriage there are many other points which must kept in mind rather than calculating qualities of the individuals. Such as- the aspect, the possibility of progeny, the effect of the other dosha in marital life, the position of Venus and other planets for physical life, position of Jupiter and Mars and which other planet can cause improper impact in the marriage etc. These points should also kept in mind, while matching the qualities. Internet software are not able to provide such detailed information. Only a skilled astrologer can provide you such specific information. Pritibala Patel is experienced and best lady astrologer in Anand, Gujarat.

The description of the person’s entire life can be prepared by estimating the position of the planets in the 12 house of the birth journal etc. Almost all the areas of life are described in the description. Such as education, health, livelihood, age, zodiac, gemstones, lucky colour, days and the solution of their favourable or unfavourable impact of life.

Skilled astrologer can provide you the details about the business that what kind of business will be profitable, whether the business location be good at inland or abroad etc. It is often seen that the person who starts his business without any information he bears the consequences in the end. Do not let such situation happen to you. And for this purpose, a business statement from an astrologer would be beneficial. Based on the details, person can reliably invest his money into the business. The tenth house of the horoscope is basically seen for business. The position of tenth house and D-10 chart indicates the type of the business. Best lady astrologer in Anand may guide you that which business will be beneficial for you. Our research from the past years have concluded that various positions of planets, effects of Shani sadesati, position of Mercury indicates about the profit and loss in the business.

Not only children but also their parents are always concerned about the field of education, that what subject our child should choose for further studies. The other side is the disagreement between the child and parents for education. The child wants to do something else and parents pressurised him for getting proper education. Education is the solution for both situations. Because only excellent education can leads to better livelihood. Education is mainly seen from the fifth house of the planetary system. Apart from this, education report is made from many other points also. You may approach to Ms. Pritibala Patel, She is Best lady astrologer in Anand, Gujrat. She will guide your children that which field of education is good for her/his.

This journal provides the information about the job related issues like, when will one get employment; in the current job, when will transfer may happen; what are the chances for promotion or what to do when even after doing all efforts, we are not getting suitable results etc. Assessments of measures are explained in this description. Many times there may be chances of fluctuations in the job, if it is known in the right time, then related measures can be considered by handling the situation mentally.

Many time problems may occur in marital life too. Some problems are such that couples find it difficult to explain to the relatives. For this, transmissions of planets and their positions become responsible. In addition, so called planets bring confusion, suspicion or other types of obstacles. In this Description, solution of mentioned points are provided and we maintain the confidentiality of the details also. Pritibala Patel can provide you the practical solution of marital life issue as she is best lady astrologer in Anand, Gujarat.

Nowadays, for education purpose, job, business, livelihood or travelling, going abroad is common. Although, many times even after having a good yoga for foreign travel some obstacles may occur in the visa. In this Foreign Description, we assure the solutions for foreign yoga, removal of obstacles, suitable direction/country, right time for staying or how much time to stay in abroad etc. The chart of horoscope is done by looking strength of abroad house, position of lagnesh, second, tenth and eleventh house of planets and position of the Mahadasha and constellations. Pritibala Patel as Best lady astrologer in Anand may guide you in this regard.