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Karmic Reiki | Karuna Reiki | Money Reiki


  1. CHAKRA BALANCING FOR NON REIKI HEALER (ESSENTIAL OILS AND RITUALS) (NO ATTUNEMENTS) This course is specially designed for non Reiki healer, in this course you learn about each chakras and their bijj mantras, and colors and positive affirmation for each chakra with essential oils.
    • Introduction of chakras
    • How to know which chakra is strong and weak by assignment
    • Positive affirmation for each chakras / colors
    • Chakra magic and rituals of each individuals chakras with bonus tips
    • Cord cutting and forgiveness prayer
    • Grounding technique.

  1. REIKI AND YOGA (No attunement) In this course you don’t need any further knowledge about Reiki, but already we have designed with q & a about Reiki so new comers can understand first concept of Reiki and they can work with them chakras with the help of yoga, pranayama, and asana.
    • Reiki is harmful? introduction of Reiki with Q & A
    • What is Reiki and benefit of Reiki?
    • How does Reiki feel?
    • What is chakras? Does Reiki heal chakras?
    • Three pillars of Reiki
    • How many times should you do Reiki?

  1. REIKI AND ARCHANGELS (No attunements) For this course you need at least Reiki level-3 qualification. This courseis specially design with four main archangels and how to connect with them with Reiki symbols and when . and specially introduce AA Michael’ s cord cutting powerful technique is taught.
    • Archangels and Reiki with symbol
    • How can you connect with your spirit guides with Reiki
    • How to set intention with Reiki and archangels
    • How to remove fear with Reiki and AA
    • Guided meditation with aa Michael
    • Chakra clearing with aa metatron
    • Archangels, chakras, crystals and Reiki.

  1. KARMIC REIKI (ATTUNEMENTS) Karmic Reiki known as auric Reiki, learning for this course you need qualification of usui Reiki level–2 at least. This is one type of Reiki energy that specialist in the concept of karma and dealing with various issues that raise from negative karmic events.
    • Introduction of karmic Reiki
    • Karmic symbols and explanation
    • How to heal past with karmic Reiki
    • Send Reiki in future with karmic Reiki
    • Heal past wounds with karmic Reiki
    • Karmic Reiki meditation to clear the past issues.

  1. KARUNA REIKI (ATTUNEMENT) In Karuna KI, the technique is to connect to the loving compassionate energy of the divine source which is infinite, and use this infinite love for healing. Karuna KI heals mental and physical level of healing and it can be heal four elements.
    • Introduction of Karuna Reiki
    • Karuna Reiki system
    • Sai baba Reiki and Karuna Reiki
    • Karuna Reiki and their symbols
    • Scaning with Karuna Reiki

  1. MONEY REIKI 1, 2, 3 (ATTUNEMENTS ALL LEVELS) Money Reiki has 3 levels, money Reiki practitioner level is all about manifesting large sums of cash quickly, and it’s more than that. It is a transformative energy that is here to help make the planet a place where everyone can live of abundance. After money Reiki can help you manifest some cash, it works a complete root canal on your money Reiki. Grandmaster level can make you clear by law of attraction.
    money reiki level-1
    • money Reiki and theory
    • how money Reiki is different
    • planets and money Reiki
    • money Reiki symbols
    • money Reiki treatment for yourself and others
    • money meditation
    Money Reiki level-2
    • how money Reiki shift the energy
    • symbol and their uses of manifestation
    • golden pyramid
    • attunements and intentions
    money Reiki level-3
    • cleansing with money symbol
    • how to remove personal issues
    • symbol for clearing issues
    • grand master symbol

  1. ANGEL THERAPY & COMMUNICATION (NO ATTUNEMENT) The archangels are one of the gods original creations, and they existed long before humankind they belong to god. Archangels work with people of all different beliefs and paths. In fact, they work with anyone who asks, archangels will never violate your free will by intervening without permission, and they must wait until you give permission in some way. The angels are the dispensers and administrators of the divine light, they regard our safety. Undertake our defense, angels are an exciting subjects. We all know what they are, because we have seen them on television or in the media or we heard about them in church or from You-tube or friends. As soon as we see figure with a halo and wings we know it is an angel.
    Advance level
    • What are aa and angels
    • What is the purpose of angels
    • 15 archangels and their ascended masters
    • 15 archangels specialty
    • 15 archangels and their halo colors
    Master level
    • How angels can help with prayers and exercise
    • Power of 4 archangels with exercise (cord cutting)
    • Angels & chakras & aura with exercise
    • Ritual for bringing closer to guardian angel

  1. ANGEL LIGHTWORKER (ATTUNEMENTS) In this workshops you will learn more than 24 angels & archangels with 3 attunements and 9 symbols. there is 3 sphere 9 area ) , each sphere has 3 choirs (groups), and each sphere has 1 attunements and each choirs has 1 symbols .You can learn individual bands of angels, which is harmony, divinity, protection, reconciliation, knowledge, healing, law affairs, justice, abundance, business affairs, romance, psychic abilities, shielding and lots more.
    • First choir you will learn about compassion, liberally, unity & un conditional love and 3 symbols with 1 attunement
    • Second choir you will learn about knowledge, wisdom, guard, protection and 3 symbols and 1 attunement
    • Third choir you will learn about justice, fairness, healing and 3 symbols and 1 attunement



  2. Unicorns are manifestations of manificent, magical pure as ascended white horses with a spiraling horn radiating from their fore head, unicorns have a wonderful high vibrations, unicorns work very closely with the angels realms, particularly the powers. Unicorn’s works with the soul. While angels work with the heart.
    • Magic of the unicorn
    • What are unicorns
    • Brief history of unicorns
    • How to connect with unicorns with prayers
    • Unicorn symbols and indication
    • Unicorns and colors
    • Guidance with unicorns, for details please contact us.

  1. MERLIN THE WIZARD / MAGIC MAN (No attunement)
    Merlin is the magic man, he is a wizard. Merlin is King Arthurs advisor, prophet and magician, (he does magic.)
    • Merlin and candle prayer for purpose
    • Wish fulfillment prayer
    • Method to make Merlin oil
    • Spells for wishing, wealth, protection
    • Merlin magic powder technique
    • Merlin crystal grid for wish fulfillment
    • Merlin meditation
    • Dragon meditation

  1. CRYSTALS BASIC COME ADVANCE Crystal workshop is base of the alternative medical technique in which crystals and other stones are used to cure ailments and protect against disease. In crystal healing, stones are assigned various properties though healers have different ideas and technique about which stones possess which properties. Like amethyst is beneficial for the intestines, green aventurine helps the heart, yellow topaz provides mental clarity. During this workshop you are going to learn how to place various stones or crystals on your body aligned, and crystal surgery for any health issues. Crystals can be worn on the body or placed under pillow to ward off sickness.
    • 7 ways to choose crystals
    • More than 10 crystals cleansing technique
    • How to prepare and charge crystals
    • How to use crystals 12 main crystals
    • Crystals grid ( fengshui grid, prosperity rid, infinity grid , remove negative energy grid, family harmony grid, and other 6 more grids )
    • Crystals for psychic attacks
    • Crystal surgery in depth technique
    • Chakras and crystals
    • How to do full body healing with crystals

  1. SWITCHWORDS BASIC, ADVANCE, AND MASTER LEVEL This switch word course is divided in to three levels. Sw works in accordance with the law of attraction, it known as powerful English mantras. Things which can switch your energy is a switchable thing for you. An event or a past feeling which can switch your energy is a switch feeling or switch events.Switch word are words, which can be used to switch a person from a negative frequency to a desired higher frequency. Switch words work on the subconscious mind and can bring the desired outcome. This workshops brings various type of sw such as switch phrases, sw and mudras, defusing words, switch pairs, abundance cheuque method and lots more things binding in this class.
    Switch word level-1.
    • Switch word level-1.
    • Sw and their categories
    • How do sw works?
    • With help of sw how to remove negative thoughts
    • Sw list ( a to z )
    • witch words list and their definition.
    • Switch phrases for relationship
    Switch word level -2
    • Switch phrases for transformation
    • What are abundance cheque? original method
    • Switch phrases for conflicts and health
    • List of defusing word
    • Chakra healing with sw and switch phrases
    • Master sw with other switch pairs
    • List of switch pairs and their meaning
    switch word level -3
    • List of healing codes and how to perform
    • Planets and numbers
    • Grigorigrabovoi numbers and list (gg codes)
    • Astrology sign and sw and codes
    • Archangels, sw and planets

  1. ENERGY CIRCLES (EC) Energy Circles are one way to send remote healing energy, Switch words, etc., to a person, place or thing, or even to yourself. ... An Energy Circle printed and set ON a flat surface, face-up or hanging ON a WALL, as long as it is unobstructed.
    • Healing cards (VBIS, VB cards.) more than 400 VB cards.
    • Different colored ec’s and their meaning.
    • Energy circles and their different shapes and uses
    • How to make healing energy vibrations vial and their uses
    • What is mandala? And how to use mandala?
    • What are sanjeevinis cards and different use of them?

  1. MUDRA VIGYAAN Mudra means “seal” in Sanskrit, We can use these gestures mostly in meditation or Pranayam Practice to direct the flow of energy within the body by using hands. So when we place our hands in yoga mudras with this practice we can stimulate different areas of the brain and create a specific energy circuit in the body.
    • Mudras and their elements and chakras.
    • Gyan mudra
    • Akash mudra
    • Indra mudra
    • Vayu mudra
    And so on there are 20 more such mudras.

  1. MOJO BAG/ GRIS-GRIS Mojo bag is one kind of 'potli' its known as gris-gris this Mojo bag can be used for protection, love, relation, career, success and many more situations, with the help of herb’s and crystals we can make this bag fulfill our wish.
    • In this workshop more than 10 Mojo bag will be taught to you.
    • How to make your Mojo bag? Preparation and timing.
    • How to feed and maintain your Mojo bag?
    • What to do with your Mojo bag after your wish has been fulfilled?
    • Bring love into your life with the help of Mojo bag.
    • Healing others and yourself with Mojo bag.
    Plus so many other Mojo bag’s waiting for you.

  1. JAR RITUALS This jar rituals re also known as contyainer rituals.these versatile ritual (spell are for tweaking) almost any situation you can think of, from spicing up a relationship to banishing someone away from you forever. A jar makes it much more potent to do your root work. Having a spell contained to a jar also gives you a better chance of it working before it has a chance to escape.
    • How to make a jar for different purpose
    • How and where to store your jar.
    • How to discard your jar after fulfill your wish
    • Money jars ritual.
    And many more.

  1. AROMATHERAPY Aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment that uses natural plants extract to promote health and well-being. Sometimes it’s called essential oil therapy. Aromatherapy uses aromatic essential oils medicine to improve the health of the body. Mind and spirit, it enhances both physical and emotional health. Aromatherapy works through sense of smell and through the skin.
    • Aromatherapy history
    • What is Aromatherapy
    • Therapeutic massage method
    • Scented pillow
    • Money oil
    • Commanding oil
    • Chakra oil
    • Banish oil
    • Protection oil
    • Road opener oil
    And many more.

  1. 14 DAY NEGATVE ENERGY REMOVAL CHALLENGE/ DETOX BODY METHOD. In this workshop you guys will enjoy to learn about Detoxification in body. How to cleanse your liver and gallbladder with the help of fruits and vegetable juices and portions. This is the unique way to cleanse your body and areas. Negative/detox energy with green supplement and spiritual way.
    • How to cleanse your physical body? Detox with some fruits and vegetables.
    • Process to cleanse positive and negative energy in your life with assessment.
    • How to find your positive source of your power with assessment/assignment.
    • Method to cleanse your past trauma and cleansing by spiritual method to become more confident in future.
    • Cleanse your negative karma with protocol.
    • Process to Removing blocks and negative karma.
    • How to analyze curses and Black magic with the help of laws of karma.
    • Process to remove curses and black magic/evil eye with protocol.
    • Getting to understand about the removal rituals and ceremonies.
    And many more.

  1. BACH FLOWER REMEDIES. Bach flower remedies are on alternative or complementary treatment that is used for emotional problems and pain. They are made out of watered-down extract in the early 1900’s there are 38 batch flower remedies.
    • History of Bach flower remedies
    • 38 Bach flower remedies and their attributes
    • How to dilute and make combination of flowers.
    • Precautions and some golden thumb rules to use bach remedies.
    • Method to take bach remedies.
    • Tools and doses for bach remedies.

  1. HERBOLOGY/ HERB’S MAGIC Herb’s plants contains energies, in this workshop you will learn more than 100 herbs, fruits, vegetables, spices and how to use. Like bath, spell with candles, Mojo bags, charms, powders, jars, etc. This is not only just herb’s magic workshop but in this workshop you will learn about some of fruits, vegetables and nuts and spices which we are using from our kitchen.
    • When we use this herb’s timing.
    • Which tools we can apply to use herbs.
    • How to apply herb’s in every situation
    • Magical principles for all herbs.
    • A to Z alphabetical herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables and nuts explanation in details.
    • Enchantment while using the herbs to energize before using them.
    • Different matter to perform herb.
    • Four element spell with herbs.
    • Magical desire power intentions.
    • Planets and meaning.

  1. SPIRTITUAL BATH RITUALS Spiritual bath can change your energy. For example, If you are tired from your daily work or from hard day and you take spiritual bath, you may feel relax an calm after bath, in that way spiritual bath can help you in your daily life’s problem, in this workshop you may learn.
    • How to take spiritual bath
    • What is process to take spiritual bath timings and preparations?
    • Remove negative energy bath.
    • Bring protection with magical bath.
    • Bring healing with spiritual bath.
    • Learn magical baths to attract money.
    Additional tips and many other bath ritual with complimentary in this course.

  1. KNOT MAGIC Knot symbolized good luck, it represents the binding of good energy, and the knot is an obstacle – prohibiting the entry of negative energy. In the old days, old people used to knot to remember something. This is what we call knot magic. Knot magic has a prominent place in the spiritual world. You will learn many different types of knots here, which will work with our strong intention and subconscious mind. Which will make your knots more powerful.
    • History of knot
    • How to do knot
    • Which situation you can do knot?
    • How to prepare knot ritual
    • How many types of knots available (braid knot, figure eight braid, financial knot, protection knot etc?)
    • How to charge and cleanse your knot
    • Some charms and talisman for complimentary in this course
    • Different prayers for different purpose with knots and rituals.

  1. PENDULUM DOWSING One of the most commonly used tools for divination and dowsing is a pendulum. The pendulum act as a receiver and transmitter information, and moves in different ways in response to questions.
    • Introduction of pendulum
    • What is pendulum dowsing use for
    • How does pendulum dowsing work
    • What sort of pendulum do I need
    • How to start to use your pendulum
    • What type of questions we can ask the pendulum
    • What if my pendulum doesn’t work
    • Different charts for using and predict with pendulum

  1. PROSPERITY RITUAL WITH MIND, BODY AND SOUL In this workshop you are going to learn different rituals, affirmations and practical assessment to active your subconscious and after using that method you are able to apply prosperity, abundance and money towards to your life.
    • How does prosperity ritual work with your mind, body and soul
    • Maha laxmi ritual
    • Kaali maa ritual
    • St.expedite prayer and ritual in different method
    • Law of attraction for subconscious activation
    • Getting benefit of using sri suktam
    • How to use ritual oils and candles in your daily prayer.
    • Different prayers, switch words and zibu symbols using I prayers and rituals.

  1. CANDLE BASIC / ADVANCE Candles are staple item in any magical tool kit, they are used to amplify and release energy around you and your living area to promote positive vibes in rituals and spells. Candle magic is driven by the ELEMENT FIRE, which represents transformation. Fire changes everything it interacts with this transformational energy is what you are channeling in candle magick.


  • How to prepare for candle ritual
  • Purpose of ritual
  • Types of candles & colors and timing to perform ritual
  • Planetary and zodiac sign candles
  • Days candles and elemental candles introduction
  • General spells / ritual
  • How to choose right candles for rituals

How to get prepare for candle ritual Purpose of ritual Types of candles & colors and timing to perform ritual Planetary and zodiac sign candles Days candles and elemental candles introduction General spells / ritual How to choose right candles for ritual Money ritual, to attract money, love & relationship, to get life partner, overall body healing spell. And lots more spell a tips in this workshops.


  • Introduction about phase of the moon
  • Process to know carving , anointing and casting circle throughout ritual
  • Candles and their language
  • Flames, smokes , symbols in depth introduction
  • Master spells with drawing ( graph )
  • In this advance course you are going to get more than 10 master spells, with invocation prayer and drawing about how to place candles and crystals

Introduction about phase of the moon Process to know carving , anointing and casting circle throughout ritual Candles and their language Flames, smokes , symbols in depth introduction Master spells with drawing ( graph ) In this advance course you are going to get more than 10 master spells, with invocation prayer and drawing about how to place candles and crystals.

  1. SIGIL / MAGICK SYMBOL A sigil is a type of symbol used in ritual magic, in modern representation of the practitioner’s desired outcome, and symbol in mysticism. A sigil could be royal family on a stamp in order to make documents official.
    • Sigils and introductions
    • Colors to use in sigils and meanings
    • How to charge sigil
    • How to dispose sigils after fulfill desire
    • Candles and sigils
    • Oils and sigils
    • Timing to make sigils
    In this workshop you will learn different types of sigils.

  1. SPIRITUAL MAGIC POWDER Powders comes from herbs, in general use herbs are plants with savory or aromatic properties , for medicinal purpose, herbs generally refers to the leafy green or flowering parts of a plant either fresh or dried including barks, roots and seeds. Herbs are used in many religions, also herbs used for spiritual purpose. Plants used to induce spiritual experiences such as protection and money magnet.
    • Where to keep powder
    • Method to use powder
    • Timings for making powder
    You will learn more than 15 powders such as money drawing powder, success powder, blockages removal powder and lots more…….

  1. SPIRITUAL SALTS Sometimes the simplest things can immense power. Salt is humble compound used to preserve and flavor food actually contains powerful spiritual properties. Indian name for rock salt is sendha namak. This salt is used in religious fasts in India. It is believed that rock salt has several healing properties, it is used in Ayurveda’s, reduces depression and stress, prevents and heals muscle cramps. Helps in digestions, relieves a number of skin problems. Benefits in relieving arthritic problems. Salt is considered the great neutralizer. It can help cleanses, heal and balance energy, while repelling negative vibrations.
    • How to use magical salt
    • How many things / tools required for spiritual salt
    • More than 10 salts going to learn in this workshop
    Love salt, prosperity salt, good luck salt, stress relieving salt etc…… many more salts n this workshop.