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Auspicious colour, lucky gem

Gemstones is a method of healing. Through the related gemstone the energy of universe and the energy of respective planet brings benefit to us. According to their nature, different zodiacs have different gemstone. Person should worn especially gemstones of lagna, fifth and ninth house. And in special circumstances, suggestions of astrologers can be taken. Overall, only an expert astrologer can suggest the pros and cons of the gemstone and the reason behind wearing it. Astrologer Pritibala Patel is a famous Gemstone consultant in Anand 9316258163. Person should never wear any gemstone of their own choice. In DIVINE HEALING CARE, you can get certified and customized gemstones as well.

The various gemstones and their features are as follows-

  • Manik (Ruby) – Manik is the gemstone for the planet Sun. This is done to attain the auspiciousness of the planet sun. After wearing this gemstone, the person’s confident and influential power start to increase. Bond of harmony is established among father and other dignitaries. Ruby is beneficial for people having head ache or pain in bones. It can provide special benefits to the people who are in politics, administrative and want name and fame. Divine Healing Care can provide you with natural Ruby, we are Gemstone consultant in Anand 9316258163.
  • manik

  • MOTI (Pearl) - This is the gemstone for planet Moon. The moon posited in good house in horoscope gives peace, happiness and on the other hand weak position of the Moon may provide sadness, tension, sleep disorder etc. Overall, the auspiciousness of the Moon is must for all people. In such a situation, person can wear pearl gemstone to get the benefits and also receiving the auspicious effects of the moon. People who becomes easily angry, can also wear this gemstone and bring peace in their life.
  • moti

  • MUNGA (Coral) - This is the gemstone of the planet Mars. Mars is the planet of confidence and courage. On one side where the birth horoscope of Mars attracts the events and accidents, the auspicious horoscope of Mars brings pleasure of land and property. It gives abundance of confidence and provides special benefits from brothers and friends. Those individuals who are involved in building land and property, selling and buying of materials, working in architecture, army, police department etc. should wear Munga for better results. Munga is also helpful to the women having frequent miscarriages, or blood related problems. If you want to wear Munga, then you can call to Astrologer Pritibala Patel, she is a Gemstone consultant in Anand 9316258163.
  • munga

  • PANNA (Emerald) - Panna is the gem for planet Mercury. Mercury is the planet of business. Therefore, benefits can be seen from wearing panna. If the Mercury is in good position in horoscope, then it gives the high degree of intelligence and gives good success in Mathematics, Commerce and Business. The Panna gem also attracts Prosperity. Children who are not willing to study and having lack of concentration can also get the benefits from wearing Panna. Problem of weak memory, skin related issues can also be cured by wearing this gemstone.
  • pannaa

  • PUKHRAJ (Yellow/White Sapphire) - Pukhraj is the gemstone for planet Jupiter. Jupiter is considered as an auspicious planet. It is the most influential planet in the solar system. This is the reason why Jupiter is considered as fortunate for attracting more benefits. It is very advantageous for unmarried girls for getting marriage done at right time. Happy successful marriage is also the benefit of Jupiter’s auspiciousness. Wearing Pukhraj is encouraging for married life, sufficient wealth, education, confidence, etc. People related to teaching, astrology, spirituality, law etc, fields can also wear this gem and may get its benefit. For natural Pukhraj you can contact us, we are Gemstone consultant in Anand 9316258163.
  • pukhraj

  • OPAL-Opal is the gem of the planet Venus. It attracts the auspiciousness of this planet. People associated with event management, media, film, modelling, beauty parlour, jewellery business, photography and marketing can wear this gem after having birth chart analysis. This gem attracts wealth and creates personality. Because the Venus also holds the rank of Acharya, opal gem imparts knowledge also.
  • opal

  • NEELAM (Blue Sapphire) - Neelam is called the gem for Saturn. By wearing this, a person get favourable results. Saturn is a planet which gives asset of life. Due to the slow motion of this planet it provide slow results. But our study also shows that by wearing Neelam gemstone a person can gain benefits earlier then accepted. The people related to hotel, industries, service providing firms, private job, ancestral work, and civil work, iron industries also achieved favourable results and more profit by having this gem. Gemstone consultant in Anand 9316258163 may provide you more information regarding Neelam.
  • neelam

  • GOMED (Hessonite Garnet) - Gomed is the gem for planet Rahu. This gem provides the optimist results of this invisible planet. Without seeing the horoscope, a person can know whether Rahu is auspicious or inauspicious. People with inauspicious Rahu often have food poisoning or infectious diseases, people who are drug addicted, afraid of night and darkness and the people who have many enemies should understand that their Rahu is not good and these kind of people are being advised to wear Gomed gem by the Astrologers. For Gomed or any other gemstone related requirement, you may consult a Gemstone consultant in Anand 9316258163.
  • gomed

  • LEHSUNIA (Cat’s eye) – This gem is the stone of Ketu planet. In Astrology, Ketu is considered as an invisible planet which provides salvation. Whereas auspicious Ketu can bring success, inauspicious Ketu attracts events and accidents, and many strange diseases. When a person does not believe in the God, religion and often gets angry, in such a situation, it is advisable to wear Lehsunia gem after inspecting his horoscope.
  • lehsuniya

  • After reading your horoscope, Astrologer Pritibala Patel may suggest to you which gemstone is beneficial for you, as she is a renowned Gemstone consultant in Anand 9316258163.