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Vastu Consultant in Gujarat

Vastu Consultant in Gujarat

Vastu Consultant in Gujarat When we talk about Vastu service or course, then we can say founder of DIVINE HEALING CARE Dr. Pritibala Patel is well known name in this field. She is professional Vastu service provider and her firm is ISO certified. Dr. Pritibala Patel is not only providing services of Vastu but she is also teaching the Vastu through online from many years. That's why she has many students in India as well as in abroad also so, she is popular and well known as a best Vastu consultant in Gujarat. Gujarat is rich in historical Vastu. As per Dr. Pritibala words as Vastu Expert we have learnt lot from visiting these places of Gujarat. This is really matter of proud for me that Am working here as Vastu consultant in Gujarat, India.
Gujarat is famous for its beaches, temple towns and historic capitals. Wildlife sanctuaries, hill resorts and natural grandeur are gifts of Gujarat. Sculpture, handicrafts, arts, festivals also make the state rich. Gujarat is famous for its traditional clothing, food and natural landscape. Colorful handicrafts, festival and culture are some of the things that make Gujarat famous. When we talk about the top Vastu consultant in Gujarat then first name which strikes our mind is Dr. Ptitibala Patal.
Dr. Pritibala Patel is the best Vastu Consultant in Gujarat, why so?
Because she is using advance Vastu techniques of practicing Vastu and providing great results in few months to respected clients. She also created some unique formula to rectify Vastu Dosha. Dr. Pritibala is a good writer also as She is also writing above subject books. When we talk about her work place, her work place is Anand. That’s why she is well known Vastu consultant in Gujarat but her client circle is whole world. As her respected clients situated in whole world. You are reading exclusive article of DIVINE HEALING CARE’s firm under subject of Vastu consultant in Gujarat.
As in her initial carrier she spent her early years of work in London, Switzerland etc. That’s why she is well connected to many country peoples and they are consulting with her time to time. This is age of science, but we will surely find some bungalow or residence in most of cities in India, which is so called Bhoot-bungalow, i.e. people say that there is sprit influence. But in her 18 years of rich experiences of Vastu, she resolved these kinds of issues too. That's why her name counted in top Vastu consultant in Gujarat. She recently resolved above kind of case, surrounding village of Anand. When one of client informed him with lot of worries which he was facing, like sound of payal heard at midnight and also the feeling of some unseen people’ presence in home. In this particular case she applied some Vastu remedy and she also conducted some religious ritual of few days. Now the owners of the house are smoothly staying there happily.
Women empowerment:
Dr. Pritibala is doing women empowerment. She is trying to provide education of Vastu, Numero, Reiki etc. training many women in nominal cost and trying to provide them a platform for education and employment. She is also thinking for some kind of foundation or trust in coming time that will full flightily work of this. For her contestant work of above subject she is not only known for Vastu consultant in Gujarat but also for women empowerment. (You are reading exclusive article of DIVINE HEALING CARE under subject of Vastu consultant in Gujarat). During COVID period Dr. Pritibala Patel teaches Reiki and Vastu tips to several women’s for overcoming the negativity. Now a days there are several students of her who have established in above field and making their name, fame. Ms. Pritibala recently created a platform of learning website, which is Where people from any corner of the world can easily visits over there and registered them and enjoy different types of online courses. As per her students she is not only top Vastu consultant in Gujarat but also very good teacher of Vastu.
Vastu is an ancient Indian science:
When we talk about Vastu then we can say Vastu is an ancient Indian science of architecture and buildings which helps in making a congenial setting or a place to live and work in a most scientific way. Positive energy enters the house through its doors, and the main door of the house is obviously the primary and most important entrance. According to Vastu consultant in Gujarat, There are perceptions that property facing North or East direction of residence is always auspicious, west and south directions also give good results to specify person. A house’s main door should always face north, east, or northeast, and should be slightly bigger than the secondary doors of the house. Moreover, the main door should also be the most aesthetically pleasing to look at and should be made of good material. The living room is extremely important for a household, as it is where the people of the house gather to eat and socialize with each other. Moreover, the living room should have a positive vibe to attract and impress guests. Bedrooms are where the people of the household sleep and recover, making them the most important part of a house. The bedroom should always have a positive flow of energy; otherwise, it will become a source of stress instead of a source of rejuvenation. Vastu consultant in Gujarat.

We need to balance positive energy
According to Dr. Pritibala best Vastu consultant in Gujarat. Actually through Vastu we have to balance energy of respected property, shop or residence. As per vastu shashtra there is different kind of energy in each direction. If we’ll find exceed or lacking of energy at particle area, then we’ll apply some remedy. And there is different type of energy in specific area of property that is actually specific god of property. In another word, VastuShastra is the ancient Indian art of controlling the flow of positive energy within the household. This flow of positive energy is maintained by following certain architectural guidelines. In fact, Vastu Shastra is a sub-section of ancient Indian architecture, as many of the guidelines provided by Vastu Shastra consultants have been used by Indian households for hundreds of years. Even some of the biggest temples and palaces in India have been built with Vastu Shastra guidelines in mind.

Negative energy can effect on health:
Vastu consultant in Gujarat says, ‘A house full of negative energy can become a source of major stress for everyone living within the household. A house should not be stressful; it should be a place of positivity and health.’ Following Vastu Shastra guidelines can greatly improve the atmosphere of the house by bringing in a positive flow of energy. Home owners who are looking for the ‘best VastuShastra consultants near me’ online consultancy of Vastu reach to us.
Vastu consultant in Gujarat:
Ms. Pritibala consists of a number of years all over the world She goes to visit the architectural, and on the phone, gives online advice, architectural and fate, and inspection of the particular experience of Astrology, inspection of Dr. Pritibala Patel very closely the full house, By observing all the energy of that place, She observes the land defect, construct defects, negative energy, from a complete meditation phase, or from other machines. Construction of various buildings like north or northeast, such as north or northeast building, formerly toilets, the height of the floor, the height of the building or the height of the building, the negative energy coming from any other building around the building, the direction of the house of the tree, the electricity pole, Transformer, or Mobil Tower etc impact on the building’s energy. You may also consult with Dr. Pritibala Patel Vastu consultant in Gujarat. Factories- She observes the location of the Factory, the direction of the working of the workers, the clearance of finished goods, the maintenance of the raw mammals, the location of the owner of the boss etc., the special zones of all the places.
Vastu services provide by Dr.Pritibala ma’am:

  • Vastu consultants for Office
  • Vastu consultants for Home
  • Vastu consultants for Kitchen
  • Vastu consultants for Factory
  • Vastu consultants for Clinic
  • Vastu consultants for Hospital
  • Vastu consultants for Hotel
  • Vastu consultants for Restaurant
  • Vastu consultants for Mall
  • Vastu consultants for Plot
  • Vastu consultants for Shop
  • Vastu consultants for Bedroom

Rich Experience of 18 years

Dr. Pritibala Patel has supreme command in all four basic components of VastuShastra. She is one of the best professionally qualified Vastu experts having qualified degrees. She is a Maestro in the field of VastuShastra and Astrology. She also has more 18 year of experience in the field of VastuShastra and in construction Line. That’s why we can say that Dr. Pritibala Patel is the best Vastu consultant in Gujarat. She is demonstrating a high degree of knowledge while analyzing the situations and further forecasting the effects. Her proficiency in interpreting the presence of positive as well as negative energies empowers him to sort out the problems of her clients.

Consultancy services provided by Dr. Pritibala Mam:
  • Online
  • Offline
  • Site Visit

Online Consultancy service:

Our first priority to consult a client will be done through online methods like phone call, emails, and video calls for which we would be require the following documents for this purpose:

  • A copy of the floor plan with an accurate compass readings and full address.
  • A site map of the property indicating all roads and surrounding structures.
  • Photographs of the property.
  • Details on surroundings i.e. water bodies, a mountain, a hill, a pilgrimage, etc.
  • Provide us with detailed information on the property and clients’ concerns.

Offline Consultancy Services:

Consultancy will be done through offline method in which the owner of the respective property will come down to our plush office from Anand with the following documents.

  • A floor plan copy with an accurate compass reading and full address.
  • A site map of the property indicating all roads and surrounding structures.
  • Photographs of the property.
  • Details on surroundings i.e. water bodies, a mountain, a hill, a pilgrimage, etc.
  • Provide us with detailed information on the property and clients’ concerns.

Site Visit Consultancy service:
  • All site visits will be done by our chief Vastu consultant, Dr.Pritibala Patel Mam Vastu consultant in Gujarat. She will survey the entire location for the Vaastu assessment.
  • Assessment will be based on the main door, the shape of premises/house, rooms, bed and bedroom location, work areas and rooms, kitchen and also bathrooms and energy of the entire premises.
  • We send a detailed report within one week or prior.


Civil Work:
Civil Work is primarily that work which is fixed to the house and cannot be changed easily. It includes tiling, bathroom renovation, breaking any walls, fixing the kitchen platform, electrical work, etc. It is usually more messy and tedious compared to the other work such as furniture and kitchen. Civil work is of two types- 1- The property is already constructed. 2- The property is Blank means its a plot not constructed. If someones property is constructed and we find that there is Vastu-Dosha in that property then our first priority will be that we will try to remove the Vastu Dosha without doing any damage to the property. If anyhow it will be necessary to make some adjustment then we have our expert team which will manage that work. You are reading exclusive article of DIVINE HEALING CARE under subject of Vastu Consultant in Gujarat.

Civil work usually takes a long time to complete. It generates a lot of mess in the house which can affect existing furniture. The day laborers who do civil work related to masonry are pretty hard to work with, and it may be difficult to get this labor by your own efforts. It also requires some scheduling as multiple teams have to work in parallel and in sync to get the work done. For example, after the bathroom tiles are broken, the piping has to be done, and the masons have to come back to fix the new tiles; electrical work has to be completed before plastering and the first coat of paint; electrical pipes need to be laid in the floor before the tiles are laid on top of them, Etc.
As in our case, since we bought an old flat we decided to a whole bunch of civil work to get a newer feeling to the place. Firstly, we decided to redo the tiles and the bathrooms which meant breaking the existing tiles and bathrooms. Note that breakage adds significantly to the cost and the time. All the existing stuff has to be broken, taken away from the flat, and disposed off at a proper dump site by utilizing special tempos which do this work. Most of the delays in our case happened due to civil work. Material was not ordered in time, some of it was defective and had to be returned, laborers disappeared. Very little visible progress was being made and it seemed like things were taking forever to get completed. For any further query related to Civil Work, you may contact to Dr. Pritibala maam Vastu consultant in Gujarat.
Now we will discuss about Architecture service
Before building any house, shop, mall restaurant, etc., it is very important to make its architecture map. By making an architecture map, we can make our dream come true in less space. We have expert team who can prepare the architecture map based on the information given by you, whatever the situation.
A floor plan is nothing but an architectural depiction of the layout of a House. It is drawn to scale and presents a view of the house from the top, giving the viewer a better idea of the connections between spaces, the dimensions, the traffic pattern through the home and other features. Often, it shows the placement of furniture, appliances and other elements that are arranged within each room. Floor plan samples for two-storey houses will have drawings for each level of the house; a two-storey house will have separate plans for the ground floor and the first floor. Our team of Vastu consultants ensures that each clients goals are met using our vast experience, expertise, knowledge, and skills. We create a Vastu-friendly environment by identifying that whether there is any negative energy present at your place of business or residence through our energy mapping techniques. After identifying what changes need to be made to remove these negative energies from your house or place of business, we help you to implement those changes through architectural modifications. Vastu consultant in Gujarat will proper guide you right placement of rooms in map. As we have advance software and experience team for above service.

What is interior design?
For me, designing a space means shaping the experience that a person will have inside it. An experience that will also affect their life and, of course, their mood. Interior design is a project that defines how a space will function, how it will look, and how it will appeal to the senses. It should fit the needs, cultures and lifestyle of those that inhabit it.
The way we inhabit a space has a huge effect on our creativity, happiness, and of course, our wellbeing, so its important to call in professional help so that the design is thought-out and tends to all the details-the acoustics, the surroundings, the positioning, and use of color all have to be taken into account for the space to work and feel complete. Our Expert team can help you in designing your house, shop, offices, hotels etc according to your choice. We provide you all services related to Vastu under one roof that save your time and money, and give you full satisfaction and relax in your life. Thats why we are famous Vastu consultant in Gujarat.

Vastu pooja vidhi-
Dr. Pritibala having subject expert pandit jis team to perform right kind of ritual. This team of Vastu pooja vidhi moved to PAN India and perform Vastu rituals. More than thousands of ritual performed by this team. As per of Dr. Pritibala Patel auspicious muhurat of the pooja brings prosperity in our life. She always provides right muhurat to our associated clients. There are several Vastu consultant in Gujarat but Dr. Pritibala Patel always follow business and Shashtra ethics. If there is auspicious muhurat coming after three months, then she will inform as it is to concern client. Thats why she is popular as Vastu consultant in Gujarat.
Why our services are better than others:
DIVINE HEALING CARE Vastu team under the guidance of Dr. Pritibala Patel Mam performs its task with full hard work and dedication. The aim of our team is honesty and customer satisfaction. We never compromise with quality. We complete our task on time always. Our team members believe in completing their given task on time with full hard work and dedication. We complete our work by doing research work on all aspects. People come at Dr. Pritibala mam Vastu consultant in Gujarat with the most difficult tasks and once they meet us, they go back with full satisfaction.