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Vastu Shastra Course in Anand, Gujarat


VAASTU means a house made of four walls. Every place has its own thing, just like if there is a person from South Africa, he is known according to his country. If there is a person from India, he is also known as a person from India. That is, every place has its own thing. Has its own significance. We offer two kind of VASTU SHASTRA COURSE IN ANAND, GUJARAT. One is VASTU ADVANCE and another one is VASTU MASTER.

  • VAASTU ADVANCE- Origin of Vaastu / introduction, Verification test of the soil / earth, How to use compass, Understanding of the 16 directions, 45 devtas in details, 32 entrances and their positive & negative attributes, further more in depth you will learn in this advance class.

  • VAASTU MASTER- How to select house as per Vaastu, Marmsthan, Cut zones & excess zones details and treatments, How to block entrances & toilets when they are negative, Cracks treatments in different zones & walls, How to do treatment for stairs, How to do virtual entry & deactivation, Check geographic stress in premises, Road hits in Vaastu, Remedies portion – tortoise, metal, balance things, health & wealth balance both remedy, Zones & zodiac sign. Let’s learn VASTU SHASTRA COURSE IN ANAND under supervision of Pritibala Patel, senior vastu consultant.
What is VAASTU, who creates this?

VAASTU means a house made of four walls. Every place has its own thing, just like if there is a person from South Africa, he is known according to his country. If there is a person from India, he is also known as a person from India. That is, every place has its own thing. Has its own significance. Lord Brahma is consider to be the creator of universe, after creating universe he decided to experiment with one of his creation (which was later on termed as Vaastu). If you go to someone's house and there it seems does not feel good and you feel peace, as soon as you go to someone's house; then this is what you can call the secret of Vaastu or Vaastu Energy.

Speaking of ancient times, the giant beast was born from the sweat of Lord Shiva. While he was fighting with the demon named Andhakasur, a drop of sweat fell from Shiva's body and a demonic creature was produced from that drop. All the gods and Indra were amazed as the body of the monster animal was so big that it was having trouble staying in Indra-loka. His body shape was increasing so the gods were afraid that if they will not get rid of this monster animal, there will be no place for the gods to stay in the world. Keeping these possibilities in mind, all the deities came into the earth and buried the beast in the ground. At that time the head of the creature was in the north-east angle and the leg was in the south-west angle. Ever since Brahma ji gave the name ‘Vaastu-Purush’ to the Devdhari animal, which lives on the earth. Now he always lives on earth.

When Vaastu Purush asked Brahmaji, oh my God, what will happen to me on earth? Then Brahma ji gave the blessing that whenever a human builds a house according to Vaastu for living and worship you, then he will enjoy happiness from wealth, etc., and when someone builds a house but does not recite your worship, he will get the opposite results. That is why it is necessary to worship Vaastu always.

You have heard many times that this house is very auspicious for me or heard may be this house has been destroyed everything and since the person has built the house, the only problem is the loss of property. Everyone wants to build a house and benefit from it. Everyone wants to be happier than before. That is why the auspicious moments, joy should enter the house and perform another religious ritual. This is Vaastu and this is the rule of Vaastu Shastra. You can contact us for VASTU SHASTRA COURSE IN ANAND, GUJARAT.

When should Vaastu Consultancy be done?

When you see ups and downs in life, health related problems occurring, losses in business, study problem, relationship problem and further in between you are going to buy or rent a house, you must consult a good expert.

Why are the Vaastu directions important in VaastuShastra?

Each direction has its own color and deities and also elements. And each direction has different planets that governs their own influences.

What do the directions represents?

First of all let us understand that there are 4 directions, and the other sub 4 directions, and the sub 4 also has other directions. So there are a total of 16 directions.

Let us understand the logic of the first four directions

North is for opportunities, water elements, and green color. East is for social connection, air element, and yellow color. South is considered as happy, name and fame, fire element, red color. West is or gains and fulfillment, metal element, violet color.


In Vaastu, kitchen and stairs are given more importance, because if the health is good, then wealth will come automatically. So health can only be good from the kitchen, and the importance of the stairs is given that the ladder of success you must heard? So now let's discuss some tips and points about kitchen and stairs.

I would like to share a few words with you before giving tips, pay attention to it and you will know what I am trying to explain.

In Vaastu has 4, 8, and 16 directions. But have you ever thought that even if everyone's house is built according to these directions, why do so many people have a problem?

So here I will EXPLAIN you a little bit in to that, why does that happen? In Vaastu, it is said that South-East is the ideal place for kitchen as the place of fire god and face should be kept in east and cooking should be done. And the staircase is also said to be in the south-east and facing to the east, to the north-west and facing to the north and to the south-west and facing to the south. And it is said that stairs always starts from North and towards to South.

But here we also consider the building horoscope and body Vaastu, so that if there is any problem anywhere in the health, wealth, career and business of the person, DIVINE HEALING CARE will give you the complete solution. We are going to start our next batch, you may also register your name for VASTU SHASTRA COURSE IN ANAND, GUJARAT.

So, now we are going to consider about stairs and kitchen.

  1. Do not keep medicine’s in the kitchen.
  2. Keep the burners of the kitchen stove clean, as this ensure flow of cash in household.
  3. Keep a tulsi, bamboo, or money plant in the kitchen window.
  4. Ideal color for kitchen is green, lemon yellow, orange.
  5. Avoid keeping refrigerator in north- east direction.
  1. As I mentioned, before about direction of staircase.
  2. Now we will discuss about stair case’s shape, generally stair’s shape should be square and rectangular with bends at right angles.
  3. The number of steps in staircases should always be odd 15,17,19, or 21.
  4. Avoid dark color shades in stairs.
Case studies:

1- Health plays a very important role in everyone's life, if health is good then all things can be done. If health’s direction and immunity is good than no one become ill in the house, Compared to being sick in Vaastu.

I am sharing my case study health related here which will give you an idea of how you can balance things without any major sabotage. I saw in one of my cases that North-East and North-North East were disturbed in their house. So they used to have health related problems from time to time. No matter how many treatments or medicine he did, he was not feeling well. But if there was a problem only in the North North East, there would not have been so many issues, but in the North North East, the North also got together and brought more health issues, they also had problems in the kidneys and liver. And by suggesting a remedy to him, he started to notice a difference in four to five months.

2- This is a case study by me, In the South, S1 had a negative impact on the entrance, which increased the rate of bad company in the child. So, the clutter that used to happen to them in S1 was made clutter free zone by me and then it was remedied there. After that within 6 months, of period parents told me that now my child can study and concentrate better.

3- It is about relationship problems and harmony between family members. The problem occur in the East South East has led to increased quarrels at home and over possessiveness husband and wife. The bed and sofa were in the CHURNING zone, when checked by me, so there was a lack of peace in their house. COLOR was also CHANGED and ELEMENTAL REMEDY was also applied, then the difference was appear in one week began to appear. In my Vaastu journey have dealt with 2000 and more people, as commercial, residential, or local shop or office consultancy done.

Today there are several students of mine, who have learn VASTU SHASTRA COURSE IN ANAND with us and they are enjoying the Vastu. Some of them have started their own consultancy firm.

DIVINE HEALING CARE is inviting you to learn Vaastu with us.