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Online VastuShastra Consultant in India


We provide several types of Vaastu services. We use our special astrology and Vaastu technique to solve your problems. Mentioning here are our key services-

  • Soil Testing,
  • Soil Testing Procedures, Slopes and gradients Testing, Inspection of Plots of Different Types of Shapes,
  • Inspection of Land, Soil, or Plot Conditions,
  • Auspicious moments of house building,
  • House building –
  • Main door,
  • Basement, worship room,
  • Safe,
  • Kitchen, bedroom, dining room, bathroom, plants around the house etc.

Our expertise and mastery in this service.


  • VASTU of Multi-storey flats,
  • VASTU of society,
  • VASTU of construction of restaurants,
  • VAASTU of construction of cinema houses,
  • VAASTU of construction of resorts,
  • VAASTU of construction of educational institutions,
  • VASTU of construction of shop-showrooms.
  • Aura and chakra scanning.
  • Pyramid and aroma / essential oils energy check by Vaastu analyzer
  • Which gemstones suits you check by Vaastu scanner
  • Which color suits to you check by scanner.
  • Your house and workplace/ office energy check by scanner.